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Power Poles 023

Ready-Mixed Concrete, Utah and Idaho: Populous to Terminal Power Pole Install

Owner: Pacificorp

General Contractor: Kewitt Construction

Completion Date: Summer 2010

Location: Downey, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah

Project Description:

This 115-mile project supplied 345,000 KV of AC power transmission from Downey, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah. JBP was selected to supply ready-mix ed concrete for the project because the company could be a single supplier for the project.

  • 945 pole foundations poured
  • Over 100 JBP concrete trucks involved
  • 123,567 cubic yards of concrete placed to-date at rate of 4.7 cubic yards per hour (one of the fastest large-scale pours ever completed)


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Site Work & Development, Ready-Mixed Concrete & Construction, Utah: Titanium Sponge Plant

Owner: ATI Titanium LLC | Allegheny Technologies

General Contractor: ICPE

Completion Date: 2009

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

The project owner thanked JBP for the success of the project, saying, “The concrete batch plant you have provided has kept our project moving smoothly and we appreciate your ability to support the large concrete pours with all the drivers necessary to keep the flow of concrete to the foundation without any issues.” (click here to read the full testimonial)

  • 200,000 cubic yards of excavation & imported structural fill
  • 700,000 square asphalt paving
  • 70,000 square feet concrete pavement
  • 50,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 15,000 cubic yards of grout
  • On-site concrete batch plant installed

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General Contractor, Heavy Highway Construction, Utah: UDOT I-15; Springville to 400 South Interchange

Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

General Contractor: Utah County Constructors (UCC)
Staker Parson Companies joint venture with Wadsworth Brothers Construction

Completion Date: November 2009

Location: Springville, Utah

Staker Parson Companies and Wadsworth Brothers Construction teamed up as Utah County Constructors to complete this $73-million design-build contract with UDOT. The team reconstructed and widened two miles of SR-77. Utility systems were relocated and upgraded, a new overpass was constructed and the overpass over the railway at 400 West was removed and replaced.

UCC completed the project over 6 months ahead of UDOT’s required completion date.

  • 90,000 cubic yards excavation
  • 1 million tons imported fill material, completed in 11 months
  • 45,000 tons asphalt paving
  • 5,500 cubic yards concrete

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City Creek

Ready-Mixed Concrete Supplier, Utah: City Creek Center

Owner: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

General Contractors: Okland Construction, Big-D Construction, Jacobsen Construction

Completion Date: 2011

Location: Salt Lake City

Jack B. Parson Companies was one of the concrete suppliers for the City Creek Downton Rising project in Salt Lake City.

  • Lightweight concrete pumped up to 1400-feet, requiring 7 yards of concrete just to prime pump lines
  • 89,424 cubic yards concrete poured

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Site Development, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Asphalt Paving, Subcontractor Utah: Hinckley Drive Extension Project

Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

General Contractor: Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction

Completion Date: Fall 2010

Location: Ogden, Utah

Staker Parson developed an innovative solution to transport fill material to the job site on Hinckley Drive by installing a 2,200 foot-long conveyor that transported material above 1900 West and across the railroad. If the conveyor had not been used, traffic on 1900 West would have been stopped every two minutes to allow a truck to cross. Using the conveyor removed 307,000 truck miles off the roads and prevented the need of stopping traffic.

  • 500,000 tons imported fill material
  • 12,000 cubic yards ready-mixed concrete
  • 10,000 tons asphalt paving

Click to download the news release with full project details. {filelink=22}
Watch KSL’s news coverage here

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SPC Execs at the Capitol

Subcontractor, Ready Mixed Concrete, Asphalt Paving and Aggregates, Utah: Utah State Capital Building

Owner: State of Utah

General Contractor: Jacobsen Construction

Completion Date: 2009

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Jacobsen Construction, general contractor on the project, said, “It has been a privilege working with Staker Parsons. I have noticed that your company employs cost-saving procedures, completes projects in a timely and professional manner, and subscribes to a high work ethic. Your attitude, application of efforts, and innovative spirit are a few of your strongest assets.” (click here to read the full testimonial)

  • 3,955 tons aggregates imported and placed
  • 2,025 tons asphalt paving
  • 50,000 cubic yard concrete
  • 5,000 PSI concrete with 50% fly ash
  • Recognized with American Concrete Institution Award

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Heavy Highway Construction, Excavation, Asphalt Paving Utah: UDOT I-15; Farmington to Gordon Ave.

Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

General Contractor: Staker Parson Companies

Completion Date: 2008

Location: Farmington and Layton, Utah

Project Description:

This project was a $50 million highway project that added another lane of traffic on the critical 8.55 mile stretch of I-15 between State Street in Farmington and Main Street in Layton. The project was completed six months ahead of schedule.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association awarded Staker Parson the 2010 Sheldon G. Hayes award, recognizing the I-15; Farmington to Gordon Avenue project as the best highway pavement project in the nation.

  • 129,200 cubic yards excavation
  • 126,500 cubic yards imported fill material
  • 266,000 tons asphalt paving
  • Recognized as the Best Partnered Consultant Managed Project of 2008 by the Utah Department of Transportation
  • Recognized with National Quality in Construction Award

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